• Wireless PIR Detector


    Wireless PIR Detector


    These units will detect vehicles up to 80 feet away, and the transmitter can be placed 1 mile away from the receiver! With the sensor unit operating up to 6 months on just 6 AA batteries, it comes highly recommended for long term field drug enforcement operations, monitoring illegal dump sites, perimeter applications and much more. The receiver (sold separately), can operate using standard household current or 12 volts for field applications. When motion occurs, the receiver outputs an adjustable and audible alert and outputs the industry standard alarm signal which is great for triggering DVRs, multiplexers, and for integration to alarm systems. To detect vehicular traffic only we also offer the RMAG which operates in the same fashion but comes with a burial-grade magnetic sensor and 50 feet of cable to remote it from the transmitter. Note: receiver sold separately.