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    Powerful thermal wrist detection for fast, reliable and accurate temperature detection in high-traffic, commercial spaces
    • Rapid 0.2s face recognition speed
    • 4 GB storage capacity
    • .39-1.18” measurement distance
    • 7-inch touch screen with 600 x 1024 resolution
    • 2 MP, 1080P low illumination wide-angle dual-lens camera for capturing high-quality images
    • Two-way audio with indoor monitor
    • Advanced smart technology – including high-temperature measurement and face recognition, and with anti-spoofing detection effective against photo and video fraud
    • Lighting versatility for low-light indoor use - supports face metering and human metering for fast adaption to ambient light
    • High picture capacity – can store up to 10,000 facial images
    • The wrist temperature detection module provides a critical first step for facility managers and store owners, to ensure customers and employees feel safe as businesses begin to reopen. It provides an accurate non-contact approach to temperature detection at  0.2 seconds results and up to 30 people per minute. Acheving accurate temperature detection and facial recognition concurrently makes it the ideal solution for minimizing exposure, and reducing the spread of coronavirus and other contagious diseases to customers, employees and visitors in commercial environments.  

      • Ideally positioned for non-contact, rapid thermal detection at 0.2 seconds
      • Includes a built-in infrared thermoelectric sensor and temperature measuring module for accurate measurement
      • 2 MP low illumination wide-angle camera with F1.6 large aperture lens captures clear images in diverse lighting environments
      • Ideally suited for airports, retail, schools, grocery stores, and nursing homes

      With the Single Person Wrist Temperature Detection Solution, you can achieve a streamlined and highly accurate detection process to minimize exposure and prevent the spread of illness infected those indivduals from entering your building. Wrist deteection measures their temperature within 0.2 seconds, and ninty-nine percent accuracy. If they’re running a fever or they’re not wearing a mask in a business that requires one, advanced AI will sound off an alarm – and if it’s connected to an access control system, won’t let them pass through the entrance doors/gate.

      Advanced thermal detection technology allows you to screen individuals with a mask or without, with a measurement range of 86-113 degrees Fahrenheit, performing at a durability rate of IP 54, it’s ideally suited for indoor high-traffic commercial and industrial spaces.

      With a large capacity to hold 10,000 photos and an ultra-fast recognition time of 0.2 seconds, this feature-rich thermal wrist temperature detection is a safe, accurate and efficient tool for all your major entry points.

      What’s Included:

      • (1) PC 7-inch touch screen face recognition access control terminal
      • (1) digital detection module
      • User guide
      • Power supply
      • Mounting bracket

      Add-on Products

      • Pedestal stand (THRM-S31) available for purchase

      Protection and Warranty

      The Thermal 213 is non-refundable, non-returnable, and not yet FDA approved. If you encounter an issue, we provide unlimited tech support –minimizing unnecessary downtime.

      Key Features and Capabilities  

      • Wrist Temperature Detection. Ideal for providing added security in high traffic places, it allows you to detect elevated temperatures in individuals passing through your business without any contact. Small in size, big on efficiency, it detects up to 30 people per minute. 
      • Mask Wearing Detection.  Advanced analytics can indicate when an individual is wearing a mask and sets off an additional voice alarm to those who aren’t wearing one. 
      • Ultra-Fast Recognition. From retail stores to busy airports, the wrist temperature detection is the perfect solution for detecting individuals in high-traffic areas like airports and high-vulnerability environments like nursing homes, with a speedy recognition time of 0.2 seconds per individual. 
      • Advanced algorithm for accurate detection. With a built-in learning chip and a deep learning algorithm model, it provides a face recognition accuracy rate of greater than 99 percent.